Foreign investments obtained by SWISS KRONO company allowed us to build a really big and powerful plants with modern equipment. Over 100 years of operating experience of Swiss Krono Group, newest equipment and qualified workers are the guarantees of production of the highest-quality goods.

Until 2011, ТОВ “SWISS KRONO” produced only goods designed for furniture industry (ground chipboards, melamine faced chipboards and worktops). At present,ТОВ “SWISS KRONO” is producing a new type of goods – OSB/3 SWISS KRONO board used in the construction industry.

Our company has the following equipment at its disposal:

  • one OSB/3 production line;
  • six laminating lines;
  • one postforming laminating line;
  • two chipboard production lines;
  • two paper impregnation lines.

We offer:

For the furniture industry:

  • ground chipboard;
  • melamine faced chipboard;
  • postforming (worktops);
  • glossy board

For the construction industry:

  • OSB/3 board.