Ground Chipboards

A chipboard is a three-layer board with polished surface produced as a result of wood particles pressing in condition of high temperature and pressure with the use of formaldehyde resins as an adhesive.

The internal layer is made of large-fraction particles, while external layers are made of small-fraction particles – microparticles. As a result, the board surface is even and has a high resistance to tearing off of the top layer.


Ground chipboards are the main material for the furniture production. Apart from that, they can be used as a material for:

  • insulation inside the premises;
  • partition;
  • production of worktops, window-sills, wall panels, flooring.

Due to the surface quality, chipboards can be finished by means of lamination (covering with thin melamine film), as well as varnished or glued with artificial and wood veneer.