Technical Specifications

For front plates (glossy boards) production we use HPL laminate. The surface properties of front plate (glossy board) are according to EN 438-3: 2005 . We use VG type HPL for front plate (glossy board) production. On the bach side of plate is the white color balanced material impregnated with water resistant additives is used from the reverse side of the boards.

Characteristic Method Value
Gloss level ISO 2813 (60°) ≥110o
Resistance to surface wear EN 438-2.10 Initial Point ≥50
Wear Value ≥150
Resistance to scratching EN 438-2.25 2
Resistance to dry heat (180°C) EN 438-2.16 3*
Resistance to weat heat (100 °C) EN 12721 3*
Resistance to staining EN 438-2.26 5*
Resistance to cigarette burns EN 438-2.30 3*

Standard program of front palte (glossy boards) you can download hear