Congratulations on the Day of Forestry and Woodworkers!

Dear friends and partners, we congratulate you on your professional holiday – Day of Forestry and Woodworkers!
This profession – one of those that form the basis of the welfare state. May peace and harmony, prosperity reign in your dwellings. We wish you good health, joy, faith, hope and confidence in tomorrow. Be better, successful and happy!


Congratulations on Independence Day of Ukraine!

Dear partners!

On the occasion of the great national holiday of our statehood – Independence Day of Ukraine, accept sincere congratulations from all staff of LLC “SWISS KRONO”! This momentous day of democracy and public harmony of our people was a turning point in the history of the development of the Ukrainian state.

On the occasion of the 28th anniversary of our country’s Independence, we wish you good health, great family happiness, peace, understanding, harmony. May every day of your life be filled with joy, warmth and new achievements, and your good deeds will increase the glory of your native Ukraine.


SWISS KRONO HUB in cities of Ukraine

Following the large-format events in Kamianka-Buzka, SWISS KRONO has launched a series of local events in the cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv. Within these events, there were meetings and presentations for guests from the Head Commercial “SWISS KRONO” – Iryna Fedirko and the invited speaker – a board member of UAM, the owner of the company 100% interior! – Vitaliy Ivakhov. The presentation format was complemented by an interesting workshop: each participant was able to implement the design case by working in groups to create mood board (mood panel). For example, what should be the interior of a loft and scandinavian style with north or south windows. Each group selected materials for the facades and worktops from the ONE WORLD Ukraine collection and supplemented them with textiles, glass, metal and dishes. None of the stacked boards were similar to the other and made on a highly professional level.


“The presentation is well supported by a hands-on workshop – a workshop that is useful for both furniture and designers, because each of the proposed and folded boards can be used immediately in work,” – shared the impressions of Anastasia, a representative of «Quadro».

Kharkiv will be the next city. We invite everyone to SWISS KRONO HUB in Kharkiv, August 28-29, 2019. Location: “FABRIKA SPACE” (Gray Hall), located on the street. Blahovischenska, 1.





On July 18, 2019 in Kam’yanka-Buzka has begun a series of presentation events SWISS KRONO HUB, a platform that brings together like-minded people and professionals to exchange experiences and implement ideas of the furniture industry. To see how the production works, learn about modern trends and trends in furniture design, get inspiration and spend time in a circle of like-minded people, more than 200 guests came to us.
Participants of the SWISS KRONO HUB made an excursion to the enterprise, which was specially prepared and conducted by them Iryna Lytvyn, a technologist engineer, a quality specialist and Roman Lekhiv, chief engineer SWISS KRONO LLC. After an excursion  Andrzej Zajoncz, General Director of SWISS KRONO, addressed the guests. Iryna Fedirko, commercial director, congratulated the guests and told about SWISS KRONO changed over the last few years.
The meeting continued with the presentation of the expert speaker Vitaliy Ivakhov, the owner of the company “100% Interior!”, the author and the leading program “100% Interior!” about interior style. What is the design in general, how to work for modern furniture makers, where to draw inspiration and new ideas and lots of interesting and useful information about the decors, structures and collections of MFC and worktops produced by SWISS KRONO – presented to guests.
We invite everyone to the next events on July 26 and 27, 2019 within the framework of the SWISS KRONO HUB based on the company in the city of Kamianka-Buzka, Lviv region.
If you have any questions or wishes, please contact:, tel +380892268602

Congratulations on the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine!

Congratulations on the state holiday – Day of the Constitution of Ukraine!

The Constitution is not only the Basic Law, it is a reflection of our fundamental values. The values of freedom, justice, democracy, rule of law and peace!

We honor the symbol of our statehood, the ideas and principles on which Ukraine lives and we will protect them together!


SWISS KRONO LLC has supported the All-Ukrainian Competition «The Strongest Fireman-Rescuer.«Lviv Cup 2019»

Our company became one of the official sponsors of this event. Competitions took place in the city of Lviv on June 22 and 23, 2019. The participants of the competition were 29 teams of rescuers of the State Emergency Service from Ukraine. Ukrainian rescuers have joined the «Firefighter Combat Challenge», which identifies the strongest, most sophisticated and most resilient rescuers in the international format. It was an interesting and exciting event. SWISS KRONO LLC has supported such an initiative, because at our enterprise we know that it is through such competitions that the skills necessary to make quick and clear decisions in the event of a hazard are improved.


We invite you to the SWISS KRONO HUB

Dear Partners!

We invite you to the SWISS KRONO HUB presentation event, which will be held July 18-19, 2019 in Kamianka-Buzka, Lviv region.
We have prepared an event for anyone who wants to discover something new, generate ideas, get acquainted with colleagues and share experiences.
In the program of the event “SWISS KRONO”: a presentation from a special guest-speaker Vitaliy Ivakhov, a member of the Board of UAM, the owner of the company “100% interior!”, As well as a tour of the factory, gifts and unforgettable impressions.
We will talk about trends and trends in design, we will show how to design the interaction between the mood-board and the interior design and a lot more interesting!
Electronic registration for the event will last until June 30, 2019. You can register by link or QR-code. 

Welcome! Do not miss it!


6 new OW Global MFC decors

With pleasure we would like to present You our range of decors of six new unicolors from the ONE WORLD Global MFC Collection which are presented in structure of VL:

  • 3057 VL LAVA GREY
  • 3062 VL PRALINE
  • 3189 VL TRUFFLE

The listed decors now trend in the market, well are on sale in SWISS KRONO Group and are well combined with treelike decors of the MFC ONE WORLD Ukraine 2018 collection. Thanks to these decors you will be able to create interesting design decisions to satisfy tastes of your clients.

These decors is already available for selling in format 2800*2070mm in two thicknesses 16 and 18mm. Decor photos can be found here.


According to Ukrainians SWISS KRONO – one of the most attractive employer companies

For the first time in Ukraine, the solemn ceremony of awarding the most attractive employers was based on the results of an independent international research Randstad Employer Brand Research, Ukraine-2019. As part of the event, ANCOR Ukraine and the international corporation Randstad presented the results of the study and awarded the most attractive employers.

The global research on the attractiveness of the employer brand, Randstad Employer Brand Research, in 2019 spanned more than 200,000 respondents worldwide. This year two countries, Norway and Ukraine joined the project! Thus, the number of participating countries reached 32. All countries of the study account for 75% of the world economy, aggregate data also characterize global trends in the world labor market.

In the Ukrainian study, 9,498 respondents were selected, broken down by sex, age, level of education and geographical representation. The survey was attended by both employed workers and those Ukrainians who are currently in the process of finding a job, representatives of various industries and professions aged 18 to 65 years.

In addition to assessing the attractiveness of employing companies, respondents answered questions about choosing a new job. Also analyzed were the trends typical for representatives of different generations. In our country, respondents rated 150 largest employers: 75 Ukrainian and 75 international companies.

In the field of “Building Materials” the award was awarded to SWISS KRONO.

Respondents rated companies according to the following criteria: financial solvency, the application of the most advanced technologies, good reputation, employment guarantees, career growth, social responsibility, interesting work, a pleasant working atmosphere, a balance between work and personal life, attractive wages and social package.

On the materials

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SWISS KRONO Group Receives “High Product Quality” Distinction at the Interzum award: intelligent material & design 2019

interzum-award-63-1024x683May 2019 – Fabian Kölliker, Head of Group Marketing at SWISS KRONO Group, together with furniture designer Thilo Römer, were awarded the “High Product Quality” distinction for the “Agile Cell” furniture item made from SWISSCDF at the interzum award: intelligent material & design 2019 on Monday evening (May 20).

The world of work is changing faster than ever before. Open work spaces, new work concepts, and co-working spaces are just a few of the many current trends. “The guiding principle was to build a piece of furniture that would enable a very high degree of multi-functionality with just a few parts,” says Thilo Römer, who designed the Agile Cell.

Agile Cell is a modular piece of office furniture on wheels that helps users tailor rooms and workspaces to their individual needs. It has a wide range of applications – as a coat rack for reception areas, as a room divider, as a flipchart or whiteboard, as a silent work station, and much more besides. The individual parts can be assembled without tools. All accessories are made of the same material for a harmonious appearance.

SWISSCDF is a compact, black-dyed fiberboard (> 1,000 kg/m3), with high density and aesthetic appeal to make products both incredibly stable and visually attractive. “With this piece of office furniture, we want to demonstrate the potential of SWISSCDF,” says Fabian Kölliker, Head of Group Marketing at SWISS KRONO Group. “The Compact Density Fiberboard (CDF) has the ruggedness and versatility that lends furniture ultimate flexibility.”

The entire decor range of the “ONE WORLD Swiss Collection” from SWISS KRONO is available for coating SWISSCDF panels. In this case it is the CamuStyle TX decor, which was awarded the German Design Award 2019.

The Interzum award: intelligent material & design honors the best products in the international furniture supply industry. Participation in the design competition is reserved for Interzum exhibitors. An expert panel evaluates all entries based on their design, functional quality and innovative potential. The “High Product Quality” award is given for special design performance in form and function.

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